How to layer your skin care products

26 July 2016

You may have heard beauty experts talking about layering – it’s the latest industry buzzword everyone is using. Essentially, layering is just applying multiple skincare products – your face oil, serum and moisturiser for example - is the most effective order.

Layering is important because in order for the active ingredients in your products to do their job, they need to be absorbed into the skin properly. There are two ways of thinking about layering, either start with the products which contain the most potent ingredients, things like retinol or hyaluronic acid, or start with the lightest product, something like serum.

The golden rule is to listen to your skin. Does it feel drier and rougher than usual? Then exfoliate and apply nourishing facial oil underneath your usual moisturiser. Is it looking more oily than normal? Try adding a mattifying serum to your routine.

Layering also applies to the products you apply to your body. If you use a product like an anti-cellulite cream or a firming moisturiser, apply this first; then add another layer of moisturiser if your skin still needs it.

Speaking of cellulite, one of the best tips for blasting a dimply complexion is to dry body brush before you get in the shower. As well as stimulating blood circulation to the area, the exfoliation has the added benefit of removing surface layer, dead skin cells – so your skincare products can be easily absorbed.

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Image credit: Everything/ Shutterstock