How to perfect your night time skin routine

23 March 2015

Most people focus on taking care of their skin throughout the day to ensure that it always looks good, but often they can forget about the benefits of looking after your skin at night too.

As new skin cells grow faster while we sleep, it’s important to take care of them to help the skin repair and replenish from the day. Skin professionals recommend always washing and cleansing the face before going to bed to remove any makeup, dirt and dead skin.

Retinoid oil can work wonders for pores and evening out skin tone, though it must be followed by a rich moisturiser as it can be dry out the skin.

Specialists suggest taking a look at the ingredients of a night time moisturiser and looking for products that contain vitamin A or C. Moisturiser should be followed by an eye cream which can help to protect the eye area from dryness and itchiness. Eye cream should gently be patted on as the skin is sensitive.

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Image Credit Attribution: Tuned_In/iStock/Thinkstock