How to prepare for laser hair removal

14 January 2013

Laser hair removal is an effective way for people to get rid of unwanted hair on their bodies – as long as they prepare for the treatment properly in advance. Advice has been offered to those who are about to undergo the procedure by Australian website Body and Soul.It is important that individuals shave the area to be treated using plenty of shaving foam to avoid irritating their skin, rather than plucking or waxing the hair as this will remove the root. They should also ensure they do not wear any moisturiser or deodorant on the area to be treated as it is important for the skin to be clean and free from lotions, the website stated. Individuals were also advised to make a note of any medication they are taking, as some drugs can cause skin sensitivity or cause the skin to react to the laser. If they follow this advice, people should find their treatment is very successful and they will no doubt be thrilled with the results. Read the full story here:,21659