How to prevent tech-neck

How to prevent tech-neck

16 January 2015

It’s common to see people staring at their mobile phone screens or looking down at their tablets – whether you’re walking down the street, jam-packed onto a commuter train or sat in a café. While technology has its advantages, there is a downside to the constant need for communication – it leads to what’s known in the industry as tech-neck.

Constantly looking down for long periods of time causes your jowls to droop and your skin to sag, making you look older – so aside from putting down those devices every now and again, how else can tech-neck be prevented?

  • Don’t rest your chin in your hands. By doing so, you’re stretching the delicate skin on your neck.
  • Daily massages. By massaging your neck daily, you’ll encourage the toxins to drain out of your skin.
  • It’s all in the application. Use the back of your hands to apply moisturiser to your neck. This avoids any unnecessary stretching of the skin, keeping you looking younger for longer.

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