10 July 2013

Woman receiving facial massageAs you get older, protecting your skin from the suns harmful rays becomes increasingly important. Skin protects you from the environment, helps control your body temperature, fluid and electrolyte balance, and through its nerve receptors, allows you to feel sensations like touch, pain and pressure. Even if you are not sunbathing, something as innocuous as a trip to the shop can put you at risk.Good skincare plays an important role in all aspects of health and wellbeing applying sun cream is essential. As we age, skin changes and becomes more vulnerable to UV and UVA rays. With aging, the outermost layer of our skin thins and the number of cells that contain pigment decrease causing it to appear more pale and translucent. The effects of ageing cannot be reversed so you should do everything you can to keep your skin in top condition. Shower or bathe every other day to avoid it drying out on the alternate days take a sponge bath using a moisturising soap. A detergent-free shower gel will also prevent you losing the skins natural essential oils. Moisturise on a daily basis some advanced creams can also deliver amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Similarly, a good diet and staying hydrated is essential. Avoid alcohol-based astringents, strong bacterial soaps and products that are harsh and damaging for older skin. Hand-sanitisers can be especially drying.