How to solve your Bacne woes

How to solve your Bacne woes

23 August 2016

How to solve your Bacne woes

Do you find that spots always seem to appear on your back at the least opportune moment? Well that’s probably no coincidence as in a lot of cases Bacne is seasonal, caused by excessive sweating during those hot summer days. According to one expert though, the weather may not be the only factor to blame.

So what else causes Bacne? A combination of genetics, hormones, lifestyle, exercise, diet, sweating, fabric choices and skincare products can all have some influence over the presence of those pesky spots.

Acne spots occur when your sebaceous glands secrete too much sebum. This mixes with bacteria and sweat on our skin, leading to the development of unwanted pimples. And as there are more sebaceous glands on our backs and chests, it makes it more likely for Acne to appear in these areas.

Luckily, you don’t have to suffer in silence with Bacne. Here are some steps you can take to prevent those pesky pimples from developing:

  • Make sure you shower straightaway after exercise to wash away the build-up of sweat and bacteria on your skin.
  • Be sure to change out of sweaty clothes and try to opt for breathable fabrics like cotton rather than synthetic man-made fibres.
  • Reduce your intake of dairy. Some people notice a dramatic reduction in Acne when they cut down on their intake of milk and cheese.
  • Skin Peels and Laser treatments can help to restore clear, smooth skin and reduce the appearance of Acne scars.

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