How to turn back the clock on your eyes

8 June 2015

They often say that the eyes are the windows to the soul – but you can also tell a lot about a person’s age from the skin around their eyes. Puffy eyes, under-eye bags and dark circles, not to mention wrinkles, can all add years to your age.

So here are some tips to help you turn back the clock on your eyes:

  • Stop applying moisturiser near your eyes

You may not realise, but products travel upwards so any moisturiser, that is not an eye cream, you put on your face may cause the delicate skin around your eyes to puff up. Instead, avoid applying moisturiser near your eyes at all costs.

  • Stick to SPF and sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses outside will stop you from squinting, preventing the development of premature wrinkles around your eyes, while applying SPF daily to your skin will keep it youthful-looking.

  • Skip the salt

If your diet is high in sodium, you risk making your under-eye bags appear more prominent. Instead, skip the salt for fresh-looking eyes.

  • Botox can help

Line & Wrinkle treatments such as Botox can help to erase any signs of premature ageing around your eyes, leaving your skin visibly smoother and wrinkle-free.

  • Throw away the face wipes

Avoid using face wipes to remove your makeup at all costs. It’s too easy to pull and drag on the delicate skin around your eyes, which leads to premature ageing. Instead, use a gentle remover specially formulated for the eyes.

  • Apply your eye cream correctly

Use your ring finger to apply a tiny dot of eye cream to both of your eyes. Pat on the cream starting from the inner corner of your eye outwards to give your eyes maximum protection.

  • De-puff with potato and cucumber

In need of a quick fix for your puffy eyes? Place slices of raw potato or cucumber over them for 10 minutes – it’s that easy.

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Image Credit: Irina Bg/