15 February 2013

Woman with wrinkle free faceProper skin care is the surest way to avoid the onset of wrinkles and according to a recent news article, you should apply the same logic to looking after your skin as you do to your clothes. By not caring for either properly, you run the risk of them showing the signs of their age, wrote Karla Bowsher in a Valentine's Day article for Over-exposure to the sun's ultra-violet rays is the worst offender, she was told by cosmetics expert Paula Begoun. So she advocates wearing sunscreen daily as the single best way to keep wrinkles at bay.This should be applied to all parts of the body which aren't covered by clothing. Diet can also play an important role in limiting the danger of lines making an appearance on our faces, according to Bowsher. Not only are antioxidants useful in helping fight a range of diseases, they also counter damage to our body's cells caused by carcinogens harmful, cancer-causing substances and are thought to be capable of slowing down ageing, she wrote. Sleeping on our backs, avoiding making repetitious facial expressions, and not squinting will also lessen the toll on facial muscles which can lead to wrinkles as the skin gradually loses its elasticity with ageing.