How your morning caffeine fix could be helping your skin

How your morning caffeine fix could be helping your skin

22 July 2016

How your morning caffeine fix could be helping your skin

Are you unable to start the day without your morning cup of coffee? Now skincare experts have found that our daily dose of caffeine doesn’t just help to wake us up – it’s also a great solution to many of our skin woes.

From improving the appearance of cellulite to reducing redness and puffy eyes, coffee offers many beauty benefits.

  • Cellulite busting

Cellulite is extremely common and perfectly normal – and can happen no matter what your size – but that doesn’t mean we should have to just grin and bear it.

Mix up a body scrub at home using ground coffee, brown sugar and coconut oil. Mix the ingredients together to form a paste and apply this to your cellulite-areas every morning in the shower.

How it works: The caffeine in coffee dehydrates your cells, drawing fluid away and causing the area in question to become smoother and tighter. While only a temporary fix, it’s a great solution if you’re planning to head to the pool this summer.

  • Eye bag reducing

In the same way that coffee makes you feel alert, it can also make you look more awake - which is especially handy if you’re going into a morning meeting.

Add a teaspoon’s worth of coffee granules to your daily moisturiser and apply in the morning before wiping off.

How it works: Coffee beans contain anti-inflammatory properties that promote circulation, while constricting blood vessels, brightening the skin underneath your eyes so it looks more radiant.

  • Skin smoothing

Looking for baby-soft skin? Instead of spending a fortune on exfoliating scrubs, you can make your own with ground coffee.

Mix together coffee, sea salt and olive oil to form a paste which you can apply to your arms and legs. Wash off in the shower.

How it works: The antioxidants found in coffee will reduce any redness, giving you an even complexion. The paste works like a scrub to buff away dead skin cells, leaving you with silky smooth skin, while the olive oil adds a moisturising boost.

  • Wrinkle and fine line fighting

If you’re worried about premature ageing, reach for your cup of coffee – this will boost skin health while simultaneously fight fine lines and wrinkles.

How it works: The antioxidants attack the free radicals in your skin, fighting against loss of elasticity, premature wrinkle development and sun spots.

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