01 August 2011

100600349More women than ever before are opting for laser treatments to reduce scars, according to Britains largest cosmetic surgery group. The Harley Medical Group told the Scottish Daily Express that its clinics have seen a 67 per cent rise in the number of women opting for non-surgical cosmetic treatments to reduce the visibility of post-caesarian section scars and stretch marks.The Group believes that this trend is being caused by celebrity mums choosing caesarian sections over natural births, an operation which leaves either a vertical scar down the stomach, or a horizontal scar at the base of the abdomen. As well as this type of scarring, the Lux1540 laser treatment used at the clinics can also be used to treat other types of scarring and stretch marks on those with skin types one to three. It works by targeting the scar tissue with beams of heat which break down the scarred skin and encourage regeneration of healthy tissue.