Humans could live up to 500 years old according to new research

8 April 2015

Wishing you could turn back the clock could be a thing of the past if researchers at Google have their way. Tech moguls are apparently so close to uncovering the secret to eternal life that we may soon all live to see our 500th birthday.

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin has issued a statement that he believes death will one day be “cured”. Along with other tech giants, he is investing billions of dollars into the bid for eternal life.

He’s not alone in his thinking either; Larry Ellison (world’s fourth richest person) thinks it is “incomprehensible” that death is inevitable while British Gerontology Theorist Aubrey de Grey thinks that the first person to live to reach the age of 1,000 has already been born.

It is thought that by genetically engineering our body cells, we will be able to avoid ageing, allowing us to live on indefinitely.

Scientists however are of a different school of thought, believing that the funds could be used elsewhere for more worthwhile purposes.

Former Chief Executive of the British Medical Research Council, Sir Colin Blakemore, says that humans cannot live past the age of 120 years on average.

Despite this, plans to attempt to extend our lifespan are already being rolled out, with the likes of genetic engineering, injecting stem cells and turbo-charging immune systems all coming into play in the quest for longevity.

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Image Credit Attribution: evgenyatamanenko/ iStock/ Thinkstock