07 April 2006

Emma and Alex Cockings from Whitely Bay, near Newcastle could not believe their luck when their sister, Sarah, won over 3 million on the National Lottery. As a treat, she paid for both her sisters to have breast augmentations at The Harley Medical Group in Newcastle. They love the results and would have had them done years ago if they had known the outcome was so good.

New Magazine 'I Bought My Sisters Boob Jobs With My Lottery Win'

Sarah Cockings, 22, made her sisters' dreams come true when she won �3million on The National Lottery! �Buying lottery tickets wasn't something I did religiously. I'd just buy a ticket whenever my boyfriend of three years, Roy Kelly, did. I'd usually buy a Lucky dip but, this time, I chose my own numbers. On Saturday April 30th last year, I was on my laptop looking for a car on the Internet. I live with my parents in Whitley Bay, near Newcastle, and they'd offered to take out a �2,000 loan for me to pay for it. It was around 11pm when Roy, who's an engineer and also lives in Whitley Bay, texted saying, "While you're there, check your lottery numbers!" As I looked I thought, "Oh my God, I've won a tenner!" Then I thought, "Oh my God, I've got four numbers..." It was really freaky. Once I got to the end of the line and realised I had all six numbers, I was convincing myself that I couldn't have won, thinking, "It must be the wrong ticket; it must be the wrong date..." It's easier to believe you haven't won. I felt numb, I just sat there for about two minutes. Then I ran downstairs, ringing Roy and shouting, "Dad, I think I've won The National Lottery!" My dad said, "You can't have done!" Breaking news I ran to wake my mum, and Roy came over. We went online and realised I'd won �3,045,707. When I thought about winning the lottery before, I'd think about all the crazy stuff I could do, but now that I'd won all I could think was, "You could buy a horse!" But I'm scared of horses! My younger sister Alex, who's 19, also lives at home, while my older sister Emma, who's 24, had her own place where she lived with her son Thomas, who's 15 months old. When they arrived at my parents' house, I told them I'd won �3million on the lottery. They both grabbed their boobs and said, "Oh my God, we could get our boobs done!" And I thought, "Yeah, I'll pay for that!" Coincidently, Alex and Emma had booked breast enlargement consultations at the Harley Medical Group in Manchester before I won and they were scheduled for the following Friday. They planned to take out loans to pay for the �4,800 procedure. I had no qualms about paying. I thought, "If they're going to get them done anyway and get themselves into debt, it's natural for me to pay for it." On July 10 they had the operation. They loved the results and would have had them done years ago if they'd known the outcome would be so good. The surgeon was amazing and even stitched them up inside so you can't see any scarring. I think they look amazing. I'm not against surgery. It's just I'm a 32DD and I don't feel like I need surgery, but I'd never say never. As for treating myself, I got a Mini Cooper convertible but I've since changed that for a Range Rover sport. I love it. I've also bought my parents a four-bedroom detached house, in the countryside just outside Morpeth in Northumberland. I bought a four-bedroom house for Emma, who also has a Jeep, and I bought a Mini Cooper for Alex. I gave Roy a deposit for a house. It just felt natural to help everyone out. Spending spree The win hasn't affected my relationship with Roy, who's 21. We had already started talking about marriage before my win and, that June, we took a holiday to Turkey. When we arrived at our hotel room, I found roses everywhere - all over the bed and the balcony - and candles. There were three envelopes on the bed with hearts on, marked "1", "2" and "3". I opened the first, which said, "I love you, do you love me?" The second said, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, do you me?" and the third just said, "Will you marry me?" Roy then whipped out a ring. He knew I'd say yes! We don't have any wedding plans yet; we won't get married for three or four years. I've always wanted children and I'll definitely have about three, but not for another eight to ten years! I still live at home because I don't feel ready to move out. We're currently doing up the home I bought for my parents and will hopefully move there in a couple of months. I wouldn't say the win has changed my life, but it's certainly made it more comfortable. I ended up taking a year out just to chill out and to live, but since then I've completed my first year of studies to be a social worker at Northumbria University. I'd never felt like I needed money; I just wanted a beautiful car, but so do a lot of 21 year olds! It was just a bonus and I've got the same lifestyle as I had before. I'm still not a big splasher, I still shop at high-street shops and it's taken me a year to start thinking, "If you see a pair of jeans costing �100 and you really like them, get them!" I justify everything I spend. People still treat me the same, too. I haven't experienced any resentment and no one has come out of the woodwork asking for money. It will be another two years before I qualify as a social worker. Hopefully, I'll lead my life exactly as I would have if I hadn't won, but I'd like to go on a safari and we're hoping to organise a big family holiday. For me, the best thing about winning the lottery is the financial security and being able to help your family out. I've still got over �2.5million invested. I can't think of anything bad about that!' �We love our new boobs!" Alex says: I've never really had any boobs so it was a confidence thing for me. I never wondered whether I was doing the right thing and my boobs were absolutely fine as soon as they were done. I've gone from a 34B to a 34DD and I love them! I can wear tops without a bra now! I'm so grateful to Sarah - she knew how important this was to me. Emma says: There was nothing wrong with my boobs but when I breast-fed my son Thomas, I went up a cup size and a half and I wanted to keep them! I've gone from a 30B to a 32C and I can wear clothes that I couldn't have worn before. I've no regrets and I'm so grateful to Sarah for what she's given me. Read more about breast enlargement procedures and our cosmetic surgery guide. Contact us today to book your free breast enlargement consultation with one of our highly qualified Nurses.