21 July 2008

Francesca Townsend, 24, is a student from Brighton Growing up, I never liked my wide nose. Then, I broke it in a play-fight with my brother and by the time I was 18, a big bump developed on the bone.I became paranoid about it, any it affected my confidence. Id get nervous talking to new people, convinced theyd be staring at my nose. If I went to bars or clubs, Id stand in a corner so nobody would see my profile. I tore up photos in which I felt my nose looked hideous and I had hardly any confidence to approach men I never felt I could really be myself because I was so self-conscious. Id spend hours in front of the mirror imagining how Id look if I had surgery, until when I was 21, I plucked up the courage to book at consultation at a Harley Medical Group clinic. The surgeon said it would be easy to remove the bump. I took out a loan to pay the 3,700 operation cost and only told close family members before going to hospital. The procedure took 20 minutes and although I was horrifically bruised for over a week, when the cast was removed seven days later, I cried with happiness- it was as if my paranoia had been cut away in surgery. Afterwards, my life changed quickly I decided to move towns and enrolled on a business course, where I met Jamie.Amazingly for me, I made the first move. I felt totally comfortable he was everything I wanted, and my new nose gave me the confidence to stop being self-conscious. I told Jamie about my surgery early on. He said he would have loved me without it, but Im not sure Id have dared talk to him normally, and I dont think hed have seen the real me just a shy girl who couldnt get over the way she looked. Now, with my new nose, I feel like a brand-new me! Adrian Richards, Looks plastic surgery expert says:The Pros: A nose job can be done in 30 minutes. Nasal tip surgery can change the shape of the nose without breaking the bone.The Cons: Youd need a general anaesthetic and theres a risk you wont get the nose