09 March 2006

Before Francesca was 18 she had broken her nose 3 times, leaving a lump in her bridge, which made it looked crooked. She would always try and hide her nose from other people and had no confidence. Francesca had considered surgery for years but it was only when she got her first job as a secretary that she realised how low her self esteem actually was. A month after her 21st birthday she booked into The Harley Medical Group for a Rhinoplasty, it was a fantastic decision she has not looked back since, Francesca has now moved to Brighton, set up her own record company and has begun working as a model.

B Magazine 'I Had A Nose Job To Get My Dream Career'

When Francesca Townsend, 22, from Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, believes the bump on her nose made her confidence dive in job interviews. So she had surgery to improve her career chances... �Before I was 18, I managed to break my nose three times, leaving a lump on the bridge, and making it looked crooked. I always tried to hide my nose from people and I was shy around men, as I was convinced they'd find me unattractive. I felt like my nose was the first thing people noticed when I walked into a room, so interviews for jobs were really difficult. Making a decision I'd considered surgery for years, as I felt so paranoid, but it was only when I started working as a receptionist in a record company, where my job entailed greeting people, that I became aware of how low my self-esteem had sunk. A month after my 21st birthday, I went to see a consultant at the Harley Medical Group in London. I knew they had a good reputation, so I felt I could trust them. The consultant showed me lots of pictures of girls who'd had similar operations. That afternoon, I went to the bank to arrange a loan for the full �3,700. It would take me a few years to pay it off, but you can't put a price on your happiness. I booked to have it done six weeks after my first consultation, in November 2004. About two weeks later, I started seeing my boyfriend Neil, 28. When I explained what I was doing, he said I looked fine, but was really supportive about my decision. On the day of the operation, I travelled to London with my sister, Sian, 25. I couldn't wait to see my new nose. The operation took about half an hour, and when I came round, I felt fine. I stayed in overnight so they could watch over me, and the first time I saw my nose was the next morning. I was shocked at the plaster cast and my two black eyes, but I had no regrets. When the bandages were taken off a week later, I was so happy, I cried - I no longer saw the ugly, paranoid person I'd seen before. Since the operation, I've had the courage to give up my job, move to Brighton and set up a company with Neil. My nose job gave me the boost to start afresh with a new, more confident attitude - now I'm living my dream life.' Read more about rhinoplasty procedures and our cosmetic surgery guide. Contact us today to book your free rhinoplasty consultation with one of highly qualified Nurses.