14 October 2010

Speaking to Closer Magazine, Strictly Come Dancing star Ola Jordan has revealed she suffers from a host of body insecurities which may cause her to turn to cosmetic surgery in the near future. Disclosing her enviable dancer's frame carries cellulite and stretch marks, Ola claimed that given the opportunity she would change 'everything' about her body. "My cellulite's not too bad, but I definitely have it, and it's the same with stretch marks," the dancer admitted, later adding that she would consider undergoing cellulite-removing liposuction, stretch marks removal and breast enhancing cosmetic procedures. "I'd never say no [to plastic surgery]." Ola said, adding, "You should do whatever makes you happy. If I have kids - which I'd like to in the future - and my boobs go down to my knees, I'll have surgery." While known for showcasing her head-turning figure in leotards and revealing embellished costumes, the 28 year-old has said that regularly starring in the celebrity dance show has caused her to become more conscious of her body flaws - echoing former Strictly judge Arlene Phillip's admission that she turned to Botox and dermal fillers after appearing on television caused her to fret about ageing lines and wrinkles. "It's hard being on show all the time," Arlene candidly told New Magazine, "because every time you're on TV, it's like looking in the mirror and you look for every crease, every line, every drop."