29 May 2006

Kathryn McLean, 23, from Yorkshire, hated her 40G boobs so much, she spent �5,600 on getting them reduced

Company �I went down ten cup sizes overnight'

Kathryn McLean, 23, from Yorkshire, hated her 40G boobs so much, she spent �5,600 on getting them reduced "I remember reading about breast-reduction surgery in a magazine when I was 17. Until then, I hadn't known it was possible to have something like that done. At the time, I was wearing a 40G bra, although, I probably needed a larger cup - I just couldn't bear the thought of buying an even bigger bra. All through puberty, my breasts had always been bigger than my friends'. When I started wanting to go out and wear the same outfits as my mates, my boobs caused problems. I had to wear huge boulder-holder bras with thick straps. I'd also suffered from constant, nagging backache for years, and wondered if my chest surgery was the cause. But while I thought about surgery, I wasn't even sure a surgeon would operate on a teenager. Then, two years ago, when I was 21, I met my boyfriend, Jamie. I told him how I felt about my chest and I'd been considering having a breast reduction. He was incredibly supportive and said I should go for it - he wanted me to be happy and, more importantly, pain-free. Early last year I went to see a surgeon at The Harley Medical Group. Once I'd made up my mind to have surgery, I didn't want to wait, which I would do if I'd had it done on the NHS - assuming they'd even agree to operate. My parents were great about it and my dad generously offered to pay the �5,600 cost. The operation was scheduled for June. My surgeon and I decided I'd go down to a 36C. The operation would take three hours and would involve repositioning my nipples, plus removing up to 5lb of breast tissue. I'd need at least two weeks off work. Telling my male boss why I needed sick leave was mortifying, but thankfully he was good about it and told me to take all the time I needed. When the big day arrived, I was incredibly nervous. I had to be at hospital at 9am, even though my op wasn't scheduled until 6pm. Jamie stayed with me, and when I was finally called for surgery, he kissed me goodbye as I was wheeled away to the operating theatre. I've never been so scared in my life. When I woke up the next morning, my chest was tightly bandaged and I could hardly move, but my first thought was, Oh my God, where have they gone? To drop ten cup sizes is drastic and I was terrified I'd made my boobs too small. It was strange standing up. My surgeon had warned me I might feel a bit off-balance at first, and I thought he was joking, but for the first few days I nearly toppled over backwards because I wasn't used to being so light up top! My new figure After ten days, when the swelling and bruising had reduced, the bandages were removed. I was thrilled. My breasts were smaller, perkier and more manageable - I almost didn't recognise myself. Before the operation, I'd been on a diet and lost a stone and a half, but because my boobs were still so big, you couldn't tell. Now my breasts were more in proportion with my size, you could really see my new figure. The scars were minimal, too - there was a thin pink line underneath each breast and a small line up to the nipples, but they faded fast. The results were even better than I'd hoped. Jamie, my friends and my family have been such a support. Best of all, this summer I'm going to wear a bikini for the first time!" Read more about breast reduction procedures and our cosmetic surgery guide. Contact us today to book your free breast reduction consultation with one of our highly qualified Nurses.