16 February 2005

Holly, 21, had hated her 34E chest for years as she felt her figure was completely out of proportion - so decided to put her money aside for a breast reduction at THe Harley Medical Group. After the procedure, which took her to a 34C, her ideal size, Holly says her breasts looked 'perky and perfect', and now she feels like a new person and is finally happier with her whole body!

Company'I Worked Three Jobs To Buy Smaller Boobs'

"I was just 11-years-old when my breasts started developing. It wasn't long before I filled a 32B bra and it was really embarrassing - while the boys at school teased me, the way I was treated by other girls was even harder to deal with. They were jealous of the attention I was getting and accused me of stuffing my bra. All I wanted was to be flat chested like everyone else. By the time I was 13, I was a double-D cup. My breasts made me look older than I was, and men would regularly make suggestive remarks in the street. My mum was sympathetic, but there was nothing she could do. Sometimes she would take me shopping to cheer me up, but it often made things worse, as nothing fitted. I'd end up crying my eyes out, trying to squeeze my chest into a tiny top like the other teenagers wore. My friends didn't understand. They thought I was lucky and were always saying, I'd die for boobs like yours'. Not only was I unable to buy fashionable clothes, but my shoulders ached from carrying all that weight, and any exercise was painful - not to mention embarrassing. At 16, I went to college and gained a bit of weight from eating all the wrong things. I was horrified when it went straight to my breasts. They ballooned to a 36F and started to sag. Men seemed to think I looked like Jordan, but under my clothes it couldn't have been further from the truth. When I took my bra off, my boobs plummeted. I'd often gaze at them in the mirror, hanging there like a couple of deflated balloons with my nipples pointing downwards, and burst into tears. One day, one of my friends told me, You can tell your boobs are saggy if you can hold a pencil under them'. That night I grabbed some pencils and shoved one, then another, under my breast. They stayed there, if people new they'd be disgusted, I thought, hoisting my breasts back into one of my massive bras. Lacking confidence By now though, I'd started taking an interest in boys. But the thought of revealing the truth about my perfect' breasts filled me with dread. Most men only talked to my chest, so I was surprised when I met Steve, who was more interested in getting to know me as a person. We took things slowly and it was several months before I allowed him to see me topless. I always wore a bra in bed - even when we slept together. I'd told Steve my breasts were horrible and saggy, but he reassured me I had nothing to worry about. I remember the first time I let Steve undress me. I could hardly bear to look at him as he undid my bra. But instead of gasping in horror, he smiled, and said, I don't know what you're worried about - they're gorgeous'. After this I was more relaxed when I took my bra off. However, I'd starting investigating the possibility of a breast reduction after reading about it in a magazine. I'd never heard of the operation before - most women seemed desperate to get their breasts made bigger, not smaller. Now I could see I wasn't alone - there were other girls who felt the same. I scoured the internet for a reputable surgeon, and found the operation would cost 5,000. It seemed expensive, but it was amazing to see the before' and after' shots of women who'd undergone the surgery. However, Steve didn't share my excitement. He asked whether it was really worth putting my health at risk just for the sake of looks. But I was determined. While I was doing my A-levels, I took on three part-time jobs as a chambermaid, a florist and a waitress. Most other teenagers were saving money to buy new clothes - I was saving for an operation so I could fit into them. In 2001, I left home to study medicine at Manchester University, and decided to shed my excess pounds. But I was devastated when, after losing nearly two stone, my boobs only went down one cup size, to a 34E. I was a size 16 on top with a size 10 waist - hopelessly out of proportion. I redoubled my efforts to earn money and finally saved up enough for the breast reduction operation. But sadly, my constant need for reassurance meant Steve and I eventually split up. Now I was single, I began thinking seriously about going ahead with the surgery. I just needed a push. It came in October 2003 when I was getting ready for a party. All my friends looked sensational in their sexy outfits, but after hours of changing back and forth between clothes, I realised nothing would ever look right on me. Everyone thought I looked great in little tops, but all I saw were two huge mounds of flesh, which I'd do anything to get rid of. Watching me standing there in tears, my housemate, Chloe, picked up the phone and dialled the number of the Harley Medical Group in Manchester. I made an appointment for a consultation a week later. I had no doubt the surgery was the right thing to do, but I was worried the surgeon wouldn't agree. What if she thought I was too young, or that I was lucky to have big breasts? Going under the knife I needn't have worried. The consultant was sympathetic, and it was great to be taken seriously. As soon as she showed me pictures of women who'd gone down to a 34C, my ideal size, my mind was made up. They looked wonderful, and if I had the same procedure, there was no chance of my breasts getting saggy again. The next step was to meet my surgeon and discuss the possible risks, like losing a nipple. But nothing could put me off, and I booked a date for my operation just two months later. On 8 December 2003, I went with my mum to the clinic in Highgate, London. Three-and-a-half-hours later, I woke up feeling groggy but elated. There were bandages covering my chest and my boobs felt strange - almost as is they could burst open - but I was told this was normal. I was desperate to see my new breasts, but I had to leave the bandages on for 48 hours. When they came off, I was shocked - my breasts were still bloody and covered in bruises. Ugly, black stitches circled each nipple, then went down in a line going under each breast. But I could see I'd been given my ideal breasts - 34C, perky and perfect. I had to stay at home for two weeks while my body recovered from surgery. After a week, my stitches were removed, and three weeks later, the bruising and swelling had gone down. Before, looking in the mirror had made me miserable. Now, I was overwhelmed buy how different I looked. Although I was in pain, I was anxious to buy the types of clothes I'd been dreaming about since I was 13. I went on a shopping spree, filling my arms with pretty bras, strappy tops and fitted shirts. My friends thought I was mad to put myself through surgery, but they soon realised I'd done the right thing. My low self-esteem evaporated overnight. Now, it's as if I'm a new person. Having men talk to me, rather than to my chest, makes me feel more secure, and the men who approach me are more sensitive than the laddish types who were only attracted to my breasts. I've even chatted up a few men myself, which would never have happened before. I'd certainly go through it all again. However, I'd advise anyone considering a breast reduction to make sure they're doing it for the right reasons. It's also important to do your research - any surgeon who doesn't explain the risks fully wont have your best interests at heart. I'm proud I had the self-belief to go ahead with my dream. During the Christmas party season, it was fantastic to finally wear sexy dresses, instead of my usual baggy clothes. I'm happier with my whole body."Read more about breast reduction procedures and our cosmetic surgery guide.Contact us today to book your free breast reduction consultation with one of our highly qualified Nurses.