24 March 2014

woman getting botox injectionFormer Spice Girl Mel C has said she is happy to own up to using Botox as part of her efforts to stay looking and feeling - good about herself. She says that her honesty has been born out of her becoming a mum, and her anxiety to present a good role model for her daughter, Scarlet.She told the Daily Express: "I don't want my daughter to be disillusioned. While Scarlet is still a bit young for me to give her advice, the main thing I want for her is to have good self-esteem," she added. That is why she says she is now happy to admit to using Botox and why, despite turning 40 at the start of this year, she knows hard work lies at the root of how she has managed to stay as trim now as she was in her 20s. A strict regime is her main secret for this: "I have a plan rather than just going hell for leather [in the gym], she said. In the same interview, she also revealed how she was driven to eating disorders as she fought to maintain the toned physique of her Sporty Spice alter ego. However, since becoming a mum, she has become far more accepting of her looks and learned that "other people's opinions don't really matter". By the same token, she admits she wouldn't rule out Cosmetic Surgery in the future if she felt it would help her retain her looks. "When you see people who look fabulous but you'd never know had actually had anything done, get me their surgeon's number, I say," Mel says. - Do you think Mel C is a good role model? Let us know in the comments below.