17 September 2012

New research into women's fashion has concluded that high, arched eyebrows are no longer in vogue. Cosmetic surgery experts in the US have suggested that females have started to adopt a more masculine look in order to help them compete with men in the workplace. Lower, flatter eyebrows that sit closer to the top of the eye are now the order of the day.According to the Daily Mail, researchers looked at images from fashion publications dating back to the 1940s to establish if eyebrow trends had changed over time. They found that the popularity of the arched look peaked in the 1960s, and in recent years women have opted for a flatter style. A report in the journal of Clinical Plastic Surgery said: "According to fashion magazines, the ideal youthful female eyebrow is gradually becoming lower and flatter than it used to be, making it less different [from] the male eyebrow. "With the eyebrow shape alone less able to convey femininity, the fullness or luminance [its ability to reflect light] of the female brow may become increasingly important." The team from the University of Southern California carried out the research in order to help plastic surgeons perform face lift and brow lift procedures. See original article here: