If you do any of these you could be making your skin worse

If you do any of these you could be making your skin worse

5 April 2016

If you do any of these you could be making your skin worse

How often do you follow your friends’ advice when it comes to skincare? Did you realise that you may be doing your skin more harm than good? Let’s take a look at which D.I.Y skincare solutions are a go, and which you should avoid.

  • Use hairspray to set your makeup – avoid!

While hairspray is ideal for keeping your hair in place, it’s not advisable to use on your face. Its high alcohol content and chemicals can cause your skin to become damaged, dehydrated and sensitive. It can also block your pores which could result in unwanted blemishes.

  • Dry out spots by dabbing toothpaste on them – avoid!

While this tip is hailed as a miracle due the anti-bacterial properties of toothpaste, it can lead to really dry, flaky skin. If you already have sensitive skin, this is one tip to avoid at all costs.

  • Cut through greasy skin with washing-up liquid – avoid!

Everyone knows that washing-up liquid is designed to cut through dirt, oil and grease – but it’s not intended to be used on your face. The harsh chemicals found within washing-up liquid can strip away your skin’s natural oils, leaving it feeling dry and looking older than it is.

  • Use body lotion on your face – avoid!

It can be tempted to use your body lotion when your face cream runs out but bear in mind that the two products contain different ingredients. Body lotion is heavier and could cause you to have a reaction if used on your face as the skin here is much more ‘responsive’ than anywhere else on your body.

So is there any advice you should continue to follow?

  • Use facial steaming to soothe your skin

Whether you’ve got a head cold or you simply want to unblock your pores, facial steaming is a great way to do it. The steam provides hydration for your skin and increases circulation to give you an enviable radiance. Be careful to make sure the water is not boiling as this could actually burn your face and cause broken capillaries, not to mention leave it irritated and dry.

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Image credit: Tadija Savic/ Shutterstock.com