03 January 2012

The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services urges the government to conduct a thorough evidence based audit as it welcomes the review on pip implants.
Sally Taber, Director of The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services, comments:
"The IHAS supports the Government's creation of an expert group to examine evidence on the occurrence of ruptures of PIP implants. It is vital for patients' physical and mental wellbeing that policy is based upon clear and reliable evidence. We are concerned that recent reports on rupture rates do not give a true reflection of the situation and are misleading.
Following an audit of our members, which includes data on thousands of patients from leading groups including Transform, The Harley Medical Group, Spire Healthcare, BMI Hospitals and The Hospital Group, we can confirm that the average rupture rates reported for PIP implants is within the industry standard of 1-2 per cent. The IHAS has submitted this evidence to Sir Bruce Keogh and the MHRA to ensure they have proper data with which to review the situation, rather than relying on the small sample of just 100 patients provided by Transform, which has been taken out of context.
Our findings have been backed up by reports from nine other countries that have used PIP implants. In advance of tomorrows meeting chaired by Sir Bruce Keogh to discuss the issue, we strongly urge the investigation team to conduct a thorough evidence based audit before making any decisions on next steps.
The IHAS calls for breast registry We have been encouraging the MHRA to bring back the breast registry, which was dissolved in the early 1990s. Right now it is essential that we have proper ethical data management with regards to PIP implants. These implants were approved for use by the regulatory authorities. All industry groups, including the [surgeons who have worked in the] NHS, [surgeons who are members of] BAAPS, BAPRAS and the major private hospital groups, acted responsibly and in good faith by using these approved devices. More info: To arrange an interview with Sally Taber contact Rain Communications on 020 7828 0118.