28 October 2011

Consumers should be wary of deals offering discount Botox from sources that do not disclose their clinical background. This is the advice from the Independent Healthcare Advisory Service (IHAS) which says the number of daily deals offering cheap Botox injections to consumers who are coerced into making hasty decisions is alarming. Sally Taber, Director at IHAS, told the Daily Mail: “We are concerned by the increasing number of misleading and potentially unsafe deals for such treatments on group buying sites, which are not only misleading but also putting the public at risk.”Taber, who is responsible for standards and training principles of the IHAS Treatments You Can Trust register – which was set up to help consumers find responsible practitioners in injectable treatments – added that “group buying sites are also trivialising cosmetic injectable treatments by forcing consumers into making a hasty decision”. Experts are concerned that Botox injections and dermal fillers are increasingly being offered by beauty clinics that are not subject to the same regulations as doctors’ surgeries and cosmetic surgery clinics. There are concerns over the cleanliness of such environments, and the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) said that only doctors, dentists and independent nurse prescribers should administer Botox. The Harley Medical Group is on the IHAS Treatments You Can Trust register.