28 November 2008

Former TV personality Esther Rantzen, a participant on "I'm a CelebrityGet Me Out of Here", has admitted to her fellow contestants that she had Botox jabs before appearing on the series.

Esther said she had Botox on her wrinkly forehead before entering the Australian jungle where the series is being filmed.

Esther, who has previously hosted "That's Life", said she didn't want the wrinkly skin on her forehead to be shown on TV.

"I knew I would be washing my hair and would have all of my forehead on show," she said.

The contestant then went on to tell fellow reality-show contestant Nicola, who has had breast implants, that she wouldn't rule out having more cosmetic surgery in the future.

Before the series began, the former TV personality from Hampshire admitted that her only fear about going into the Australian Outback was being seen without make-up.

In related news, many people who are seeking cosmetic surgery during hard economic times have turned to non-surgical solutions such as facial fillers to help keep them beautiful on a budget. As a result, Botox jabs and other face fillers have been experiencing a recent increase in popularity.

And it's not only women taking advantage of facial fillers. Recently, Allergan, the producer of Botox, has dedicated more time and advertising towards promoting Botox and facial fillers to men.

After confiding about her cosmetic surgery, Esther proceeded to impress her fellow contestants by staying the course in a critter-filled coffin overnight and winning immunity from eviction in the challenge.