12 October 2012

People looking into laser hair removal have been warned to ensure the person operating the laser device is properly qualified. Remus Repta, a board-certified plastic surgeon and the medical director of Scottsdale Skin Institute in Arizona, US, explained that hundreds of thousands of people use search engines to investigate laser hair removal treatments every month.He warned that although it can have good results, it will only be successful if the person administering the procedure is fully qualified. The industry is not always particularly well regulated, Dr Repta warned, and if people visit clinics where the staff members have not been properly trained they could be putting themselves at risk. A qualified physician or a trained specialist operating in a medically based facility has the medical knowledge and experience to be able to perform the procedure safely and effectively, co-medical director of Scottsdale Skin Institute Pablo Prichard continued. He stated that different skin types and hair colours will need unique treatments, adding: A trained specialist will know the correct methods to achieve the best outcome. Read the full article here: http://world.einnews.com/247pr/308655