17 February 2011

The focus of this years annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, held in Miami, America, was The Transformational Effects of Volume Addition in Aesthetic Surgery. The conference, now in its 45th year, was attended by consultant plastic surgeon Dr Ralph Garramone, who runs a practice in Fort Myers, Florida. In an interview conducted following the conference, Dr Garramone said: The importance of providing volume restoration to patients seeking rejuvenation of the face and body by using injectable fillers or body fat was emphasised at this important three-day meeting. He added: In the future there will be a greater understanding of the role of stem cells to enhance rejuvenation and restoration. As well as placing emphasis on the importance of dermal fillers to plump-up the skin on the face, Dr Garramone also advocated the increased use of short surgical incisions when performing face lifts and breast augmentation to achieve natural-looking results.