29 October 2012

While it is common for brides to have beauty treatments before their big day, it seems a growing number of grooms are also opting for non-surgical procedures to ensure they look their best when they walk down the aisle. Dr Sangeeta Amladi, head of medical services at Kaya Skin Clinic in India, explained that laser hair removal is one of the most popular treatments among men who want to wear sherwanis that show their chest for their ceremony, DNA India reports.“Conventional methods like shaving and waxing offer only temporary help,” she explained. “Instead, laser hair reduction service gives a permanent solution to get rid of unwanted hair.” Dr Amladi also believes a growing number of men are opting to undergo anti-tanning treatments because they spend a lot of time outside, meaning their skin is exposed to a lot of sunlight and pollution. This can lead to problems such as pigmentation of the skin and anti-tanning solutions are a way to try and prevent this, the expert stated.