29 January 2009

As the latest findings from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) have proven, more and more men are choosing to undergo breast reduction surgery. Experts are suggesting that the increase in popularity of the male cosmetic surgery procedure is a result of increasing awareness of options for men when it comes to cosmetic surgery.In 2008, surgeons in the UK carried out 323 male breast reduction procedures - a staggering 44 per cent increase from 2007. BAAPS member Dalia Neild told the BBC that much of the increase could be due to the wider availability of stories and information about male plastic surgery in the media. She said that much of this information leads many men to finally undergo the surgery procedures they may have long desired. Kerri McPherson, a health psychologist in Glasgow, told the BBC: "I would argue that what the media is really discussing is just representing the growing concerns of everyday men. This concern has always been there but they have not been able to articulate it. "More and more people are being given a language to talk about their concerns about their body." Nield also noted that it's not only obese men seeking the procedure, as there are a growing number of men who seek a breast reduction after gynaecomastia, a hormonal imbalance that leads to the production of breast tissue. In addition, a genetic disorder that gives an extra "X" chromosome can also lead to men producing more breast tissue. Many of the medical experts agreed that for many men, undergoing a breast reduction can ease some of the embarrassment and anxiety that comes with the problem.