Increase in patients getting preventative line and wrinkle treatments in their 20s

10 May 2012

Botox is appealing to a younger crowd looking to prevent lines and wrinkles, rather than erase them. According to an article written by David Castillo and published on, people as young as 25 years old are choosing to have Botox injections to halt the visible ageing process before it starts. The same article suggests that Botox needs to be administered every three months in order to be effective, but many experts believe that the effects can last from six to 12 months on average.Also gaining popularity among younger people are anti-ageing skincare creams to help protect the skin against the potentially detrimental effects of pollution, and to prevent lines and wrinkles appearing. It is highly recommended that patients have a skin analysis with a registered cosmetic clinic before having Botox or any other minimally-invasive treatment. See original story here: