02 July 2012

An increasing number of people are being referred to cosmetic surgery clinics by their dermatologist, according to reports. With the summer and the main holiday season fast approaching, people tend to take a more critical look at their bodies, including the available options for removing unwanted hair. But according to a report by, an increasing number of people are being directed towards one American clinic by their skin specialists for medical reasons rather than cosmetic ones.The Renaissance Laser & Vein Institute in Thousand Oaks, California, has noted an increase in the number of patients suffering from ingrown hairs and being referred there by their dermatologists. Ingrown hairs, which turn on themselves and begin to grow back into the skin, are often associated with shaving and are usually seen on the face, legs and around the pubic regions. In some cases an area can become infected, resulting in pain and irritation.Laser hair removal is an effective treatment for ingrown hairs, and is also used by men and women as a preventative measure to avoid ingrown hairs in the first place. The Renaissance Laser & Vein Institute said it has begun to receive more referrals of patients suffering from ingrown hairs by dermatologists who want their patients to try an unconventional, but effective, treatment method.