Increasing number of men embracing the smooth chest look

26 June 2013

Man with large chestWhile many men moisturise or apply treatments to their skin, more and more are not stopping at the neck when they shave in the morning. Although smooth chests have become more commonplace with the likes of David Beckham and Frank Lampard displaying smooth torsos, Aldo Strinati recently discovered waxing.Now, his regime includes regular trips to a male grooming salon to be stripped of hair from his chest and stomach. He says it is painful but worth it. Clinical psychologist Linda Blair believes it’s a sign of how much pressure today’s men are under to emulate celebrity man-gods. She said: “Everywhere you look, the message is that good guys are hairless. In sport, the winners are the super-smooth men; in adverts for grooming products, the underlying message is that chest hair is undesirable. “Today’s men are bombarded with subliminal messages that they need a smooth chest to be attractive.” Aldo added: “Before I met [my wife] six years ago, I was single for a long time after the break-up of my previous relationship. Then I met Nicole, who is absolutely gorgeous. Ever since, I’ve felt that I have to look after myself. “I don’t want to let myself go and start looking middle-aged. The hairs on my chest were going grey so I wanted to get rid of them.”