19 September 2013

AA032392As well as picking up bags, clothes and stationery for their children, an increasing number of women are adding cosmetic procedures to their back-to-school shopping list. Here at The Harley Medical Group weve reported an 18 per cent increase in the number of women wanting anti-ageing treatments during the summer months of June, July and August. Most of these are thought to be mothers preparing for the new school term in SeptemberOne of a growing number of women making an effort for the school run, this summer a 29-year-old mother opted for lip fillers plus line and wrinkle injectables in her forehead, between her eyebrows and around her hairline. Although she says she has always felt slightly image-conscious, it was when her daughter started pre-school last year that she decided to undergo these non-surgical treatments. I felt like I'd aged so much. There was so much responsibility and endless sleepless nights, she said. I felt constantly tired , but whenever I dropped [my daughter] off at the school gates, there'd be mums everywhere looking amazing, tottering around in their heels, with a face covered in make-up and carrying their designer bags. She added: I wanted to look fresher faced in the morning around all the other mums. It's not a really posh, private school or anything, but a lot of my friends who have children have had treatments it's pretty common now. Some experts have speculated the rise in celebrity parents and their tendency to use the lollipop-lady crossing as a makeshift catwalk could be behind the new trend. Having a school run makeover is part of a new trend of women who want to look refreshed after the summer holiday break, explained Dr Naylor from The Harley Medical Group. One really popular treatment at the moment is the wrinkle relaxing injections that smooth lines.