14 March 2012

Women in their twenties are increasingly using Botox and dermal fillers as preventative treatments, to ward off the visible signs of ageing before they appear. In a feature aired on ABC News Radio, Dr Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist practising in New York, said this is a trend she is seeing more and more of, and one that she encourages in her patients.She said: "If you know you're somebody who's going in the direction of cosmetics and you know that you're going to care about lines, then I say it's better to do it earlier than to wait and do it once these lines have etched into the skin. "So if you're in your 20s and you start to see lines coming, then why not do it early and prevent it? And to me it's just like exercise." The argument for having non-surgical procedures early is convincing, but for those who cannot afford such treatments just yet, or who don’t quite feel ready, Dr Jaliman says there are basic lifestyle changes everyone can make to give their skin longevity. Top tips include getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, avoiding tanning beds and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun. "I can't tell you all the people who come to me to correct problems they wouldn't have had if they followed those simple rules," she said. See original story here: http://www.kabc.com/rssItem.asp?feedid=116&itemid=29814130