Increasing numbers opting for Breast Reduction surgery

03 July 2014

Breast Reduction surgery is gaining popularity among women of the UK, with a staggering total of 4,680 procedures undertaken in 2013. One woman has spoken out about her experience with large breasts and how having Breast Reduction surgery changed her life for the better. Jennie Smith, 35, went from a 34GG to a 34D after suffering from a great deal of breast-related pain – both physical and emotional. NHS manager Jennie said “I was a size 34GG and found anything sporty extremely embarrassing. It was impossible to find a sports bra my size and I felt that everyone was looking at me. “I suffered from back and neck pain and my underwired bras dug into my skin. It was difficult to buy pretty dresses because I was a size 12 on the bottom and a size 16 on top.” Since undergoing surgery, Jennie has been able to partake in more activities with her family and even her friends and colleagues have noticed a difference in her behaviour, commenting that she is now more outgoing. So why are so many women opting for Breast Reduction surgery? The reason behind it all is that breasts are getting bigger, with the average cup size being a DD, in comparison to the modest B cup which was the norm in the 1950s. Larger quantities of high-calorie food and sedentary lifestyles both contribute to the size of women’s breasts. Not only that, but our breasts are developing much earlier, with menstruation starting in girls as young as 11. Having large breasts doesn’t just pose issues in the clothes department however, with one Cosmetic Surgeon commenting: “I often remove around 3lb of skin, fat and breast tissue from each breast – so that’s 6lb of weight that these women are carrying around all day, every day. “Many say that their bra strap digs in, they tend to hunch over and that can affect their posture. They may also suffer from rashes or fungal infections where the skin of the breast meets the body. “When you look at satisfaction ratings for cosmetic surgery, one of the highest results is for breast reduction because, although the scars are more obvious, it makes such a difference to women’s lives.” Does the size of your breasts affect your life? Would you consider undergoing Breast Reduction surgery? Let us know on Facebook.