18 November 2013

Man having back waxed cartoonAs top Bollywood actors mimic their American-based counterparts and head to the beauty salon, the Times of India is reporting that the 'manscaping' trend is being picked up on by increasing numbers of the country's men. Kasmin Fernandes writes in an article on the site: "While Hollywood actors like Ryan Gosling and Hugh Jackman are pros at smart manscaping, Bollywood stars like Hrithik Roshan and Ranveer Singh aren't too far behind." She suggests that many men are also taking the plunge because it's what their partners want. She cites  research from the University of Trnava in Slovakia in which 80 per cent of women shown pictures of men with and without body hair preferred the clean-shaven ones.Those wishing to opt for a more effective solution to achieving a permanent reduction in body hair should consider Laser Hair Removai. This treatment destroys the hair follicle at the root, meaning that it takes longer to grow back – an ideal solution for preventing ingrown hairs and rashes caused by shaving. But, the article continues, it could be unwise to completely remove the hair, as a lightly-trimmed layer can give definition to parts of the body the man might want to show off. It goes on to bust a number of 'manscaping myths', including the fact that hair continues to grow regardless of how many times a body area is waxed, and that the growth cycle of hair is the same all over a man's body.