06 June 2013

Woman having laser hair removal on upper lipAs societies around the world become ever more preoccupied with beauty, women in countries such as India are increasingly having to wrestle with balancing the new expectations with their own physiology. Writing on Indian lifestyle website Boldsky.com, Tara Hari points out that, for example, cultural norms in the country deem facial hair on a woman a definite no-no, and adds: "Bleaching is also not a good option, as the golden hair on your face becomes painfully obvious in the sunlight." She goes on to suggest laser hair removal treatment as one of the most effective ways of eliminating facial hair growth."It leaves the skin feeling smooth and unblemished," Ms Hari writes, adding: "Laser treatment is also becoming more affordable, as well as available." She also recommends some more traditional approaches, such as drinking two cups of spearmint tea day, as this has been shown to slow down the release of testosterone in a woman's body, which is one of the main triggers of bodily hair growth. Growth of excess hair is also a side-effect of hormonal imbalances, the menopause or certain medical conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (POS), the article also points out, adding that medical treatments can help in these instances. But, the article concludes: "Facial hair is natural, and nothing to be embarrassed about."