11 February 2013

Plastic surgeons in India say that a growing number of young people are prepared to undergo enhancement procedures to help improve their chances of getting a good job. The Times of India reports that ever-greater competition for top posts, particularly in sectors such as marketing, communications, public relations and even human resources, is leading to pressure on those who secure a coveted interview to look their best."Over the last three years, the concept of plastic surgery has changed from looking young to looking in shape. The need to look good for a job is one of the reasons," said Sunil Choudhary, director of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery at a leading specialist clinic. "The majority of cases we get have to do with change in facial appearance. Men come with two main demands -- removal of a bad scar or stitch mark on the cheek or forehead or improvement of a crooked nose," he added. Women are also increasingly looking to modify their looks in pursuit of their dream job, said Choudhary, with rhinoplasty, cheek enhancements and even breast surgery all being undertaken in attempt to climb up the career ladder.