07 October 2013

Indian woman eyesIn jobs and professions where the look of people's eyes is considered important, growing numbers of Indian women are opting for a little cosmetic help. That's according to the Hindustan Times, which has detailed how it isn't simply to help them improve their eyesight but many women are choosing surgical procedures within this area. "When skin hangs down to the lid margin, this gives a tired look," said Dr Vikas Menon, a consultant at the city of New Delhi's Centre for Sight.He added that, in some older people, this drooping skin can protrude into their field of vision, causing a condition known as ptosis. "Then the surgery becomes functional to correct their vision," he said. The procedure, known as blepharoplasty, involves removing the excess skin around the eyelids, and patients usually require a one to two-week recover period, Dr Menon added. He concluded, though, that surgery in such visible areas requires great expertise, "because if the scars are not hidden properly, then bad scars may show".