09 October 2012

An injectable cosmetic treatment, widely used to combat wrinkles, is to be tested as a treatment for hay fever. Researchers in Australia are going to apply a Botox gel to the noses of 70 sufferers in a bid to relieve their symptoms. The gel is expected to have an impact on nerves in the nasal area and block the release of chemicals which help cause hay fever symptoms.It is hoped that the treatment could help to prevent people from experiencing runny noses, itchy eyes and constant sneezing for a period of up to three months. According to Philip Bardin, a professor at the Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne where the trial will be conducted, this is simply a very new way to use an old medication. Speaking to the news agency AFP, the professor said: "Part of why this is possible is that the Botox molecule has been re-engineered to be able to penetrate through the skin but also through the lining of the nose. "That's really the crucial development that has taken place. So consequently it is going to be possible in the future to extend its use from being mostly a cosmetic product... to become possibly even more useful." See original article here: