10 July 2012

A woman who suffered from excruciating migraines has received help in the form of Botox injections. Elaine Ransome, a 28-year-old accountant from North Yorkshire, was the picture of health until she started suffering from migraines in 2010, the Daily Mail reports.She tried taking ibuprofen and a range of other medication, but nothing worked and she started to feel sick and dizzy, as well as experiencing extreme headaches. It wasnt until she sought treatment from Dr Fayyaz Ahmed at Hull Royal Infirmary that Ms Ransome was told some migraine sufferers had seen improvements in their condition after having Botox injections in their head and neck muscles. She went on to have 31 injections into her forehead, temples, neck muscles and the back of her head. Within five days, the headaches were easing - I had them on four or five days a month, instead of 30, and they were bearable, Ms Ransome told the newspaper. It was wonderful - I could get back to work and go running, too. Dr Ahmed explained migraines are more common in women than men and are often hereditary. Doctors an unsure what causes them, although it is thought they could occur as a result of blood vessels dilating and pressing on nerves.