Introducing ‘Brotox’ – the latest trend in male grooming

5 October 2015

Male grooming has taken off in a big way in recent years. What started off with the fairly modest introduction of male moisturisers has blossomed into a multi-million pound industry with everything from cosmetics to beard transplants on offer.

And the latest craze in male beauty? Brotox – that’s Botox for men, incase you weren’t sure.

According to Surgeons, around 10% of Botox patients are now male, with the typical patient aged between 35 – 45 and recently divorced. But a newly found single status isn’t the only reason men are turning to the Line and Wrinkle Treatment.

Geoff Tinley, 45, opted for Botox injections to help him look his best for his wedding day.  “With our wedding coming up, I started taking even more of an interest in my appearance… each time I looked in the mirror I couldn’t help but notice three prominent lines running horizontally across my forehead as well as frown lines inbetween my eyebrows. People kept saying to me: ‘why do you look so angry?’ yet anyone who knows me realises that’s not my personality.”

Geoff was thrilled with the results and has decided to keep up the injections, “Almost immediately I could see the difference, I looked refreshed and less angry. I was so pleased with the result that I had another top-up.”

One expert says Geoff is not unusual in being influenced by his wife to have the treatment. The doctor says that many of her patients are accompanied by their wives when they first visit the clinic. Though not all men are so open about their Cosmetic Treatments, one study found as many as one in nine London sneak out during their lunch hour for the anti-ageing injections and a fifth of them don’t reveal the treatment even to their partners. 

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Image credit: racorn/ Shutterstock