16 January 2014

Woman with head on pillowAcne sufferers are often driven to extreme measures in their attempts to eradicate the condition, short of seeking medical help and now another invention is vying for their attention. This time, it's a pillowcase made from materials which its inventor claims can help reduce acne through the use of active ingredients embedded in its fabric. Founder of Nufabrx, Jordan Schindler, set up his company after being told by his dermatologist how dirty pillowcases contributed to his acne, so he set about developing a range of materials which could be used to administer medications through the textiles of which they were made.The pillowcase is partly made from bamboo fibres, which have natural anti-bacterial properties, and is the first product in what could become a wider range. Schindler claims the case will last for up to 25 washes, and give an average of six to nine months' use. The case could provide effective acne relief when used in conjunction with established and proven cosmetic treatments such as PPx/Isolaz, the only FDA-approved Intense Pulsed Light treatment, Obagi Skin Peels, and Dermaroller, which is used to help stimulate the skin's capacity to repair itself naturally and boost collagen production after the consequences of acne scarring.