06 July 2011

80608562Cosmetic surgeons in America have been behind the development of an iPhone app which will help patients to visualise results of procedures. A simple swipe of the finger could allow smartphone users to make particular body parts larger or smaller and to see just what effect liposuction, breast reduction, breast enlargement and many other popular procedures could have.The Allure Medical Spa in Michigan, America, has backed the development of the BoostYourBody app, explaining that it will help people to see just what is and isnt possible in cosmetic surgery. Dr Brett Kotlus, surgeon at Allure, said: Many of my patients are tech-savvy and are searching online for the newest treatments. This app gives them a digital resource in the palm of their hands that describes the range of available cosmetic procedures and offers a communication link to our practice. As well as virtual surgery, BoostYourBody will also feature an instructional area to include information about procedures and before and after images.