Iranians have 7 times the number of nose jobs as Americans

04 March 2013

Close up of woman's face in profileNew figures have shown that a growing number of people in Iran are having plastic surgery, meaning rates in the country are now similar to those in Brazil. Data from the Guardian’s Tehran bureau revealed some 200,000 Iranians undergo rhinoplasties every year, despite the high cost of the treatment.In fact, the cost of surgery is usually around five to six times the average monthly wage in Iran, but this does not appear to be putting people off. Nose jobs are one of the most popular treatments, as the number of rhinoplasties per capita is seven times that of the US. Tummy tucks and facelifts are also growing in popularity. One woman explained the popularity of nose jobs, saying: “It’s human nature to want to seek out attention with a beautiful figure, hair, skin… but hijab doesn’t let you do that. So we have to satisfy that instinct by displaying our ‘art’ on our faces.” One male who works in the cosmetics industry even revealed that he has seen an upturn in business since going under the knife and having his nose done. Read the full story here: