24 November 2008

Cosmetic surgery consultants in Ireland are lobbying for increased regulations to prevent botched surgeries from unqualified surgeons.

The specialists have issued a warning and are urging the government to speed up the regulation process to prevent more injuries and mistakes.

All 26 members of the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons say they have had to repair botched surgeries. Dermatologists in the country say they are also being called on to treat problems from non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

Many of the physicians involved in treating unfortunate cosmetic surgery mistakes are calling for a regulatory body to prevent unsafe practices.

The Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons has been part of the group lobbying for regulation.

"We need to protect innocent people who think they have somebody well trained and they dont," said David O'Donovan, secretary of the IAPS.

The IAPS has proposed a set of guidelines which have been endorsed by the Medical Council and the College of Surgeons, and O'Donovan says there should be a way for private clinics to be regulated as at the moment there is no legislation or regulatory body to deal with potential problems.

One major concern of the IAPS is that of surgeons being flown in from abroad by private clinics and simply flying home after performing a procedure You would expect any other surgeon to be resident in the country in which he is practicing," said O'Donovan. Additionally, specialists spoke out against the practice of medical tourism and the problems it causes for patients who are unable to receive aftercare from their cosmetic surgery practitioner.

The IAPS recommends choosing doctors and clinics carefully when planning to undergo cosmetic enhancements.