17 July 2008

We are feeling the pinch but Irish women are still spending thousands on cosmetic surgery. Thousands of Irish women are still shelling out for boob jobs and tummy tucks despite the credit crunch, a report has revealed.The Harley Medical Group the countrys largest cosmetic surgery provider has reported its clinics in Dublin and Belfast have seen significant hikes in enquiries and demand. The figures suggest Irish people are continuing to invest in themselves when it comes to keeping up appearances. HMGs Liz Dale said: Its interesting to see what people cut back on during a credit crunch. Research among our patients has shown that despite cutting back across all other areaspeople arent cutting back on money they spend on themselves. For many undertaking an abdomnoplasty this is something theyve planned for years. For this reason, theyre unlikely to want to now put this off and instead they consider their procedure to be an investment The group claims to have carried out more than 400,000 procedures since it came to Ireland eight years ago. Non-surgical treatments such as laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation therapies make up 30 per cent of all its work. The group said abdomnoplasty tummy tuck operations were up 59 per cent, while breast augmentation surgery grew by 40 per cent at its clinics in both the UK and Ireland. Another area of the economy that has escaped recession is pet care. The New York Times claimed that US consumers spent $49 billion on pet producrs and services last year, up $11.5 billion from 2003, with health care and cosmetic surgery the fastest growing sectors. A pet may now be subjected to ear cropping, liposuction, Botox, eyebrow correction, a skin graft or a face peel. Analysts suggest baby boomers whose children have flown the nest are investing their income on their pets. However, new research suggest many animals are failing to cope with the demands of their new lifestyle. Anxious owners can even send their troubled charges to Chateau Poochie in Miami, a five-star hotel and spa which provides movies, makeovers, massages, facials and trips to the fitness club for dogs that need to wind down. Owners are invites to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your poochie is being pampered.