21 June 2013

Woman in bra and knickers pinching tummy fleshAs tummy tuck procedures becomes more and more popular, a Canadian surgeon has created a rigorous selection process to ensure the safety of his patients. Dr Jerome Edelstein, from Toronto, has named it the Abdominoplasty Safety Protocol. It is designed to better identify and select tummy tuck patients, reducing the likelihood of dangerous or dissatisfactory results.The most common misconception I hear about tummy tucks is that the procedure helps you lose weight. I would never perform an operation on a patient for the purpose of weight loss, he said. I feel that you should first come to grips with the psychological, emotional and physical causes of weight gain. Once that's under control, only then should you consider a tummy tuck. He added that the procedure is designed specifically for body contouring and that results are often better when a patient is at their ideal weight. He says that since he introduced his set of rules, the number of patients undergoing abdominoplasty increased at the same rate as those who have been deemed unsuitable candidates. For all the tummy tuck inquiries Dr Edelstein receives, there is a one in three chance a prospective patient will be turned away. Unsuitability is based on a number of factors. These include future planned pregnancy, unstable weight and unhealthy BMI.