19 December 2012

It has been claimed that bunionplasty is the latest plastic surgery craze to sweep the industry. According to the Huffington Post, a growing number of people are going under the knife to improve the appearance of their feet by getting rid of any unsightly bunions.In fact, nearly 400,000 operations of this kind are performed every year in the US. Bunions are caused by an enlargement of the bone or tissue around the joint at the head of the big toe and can be caused by wearing the super-high heels that are currently so popular. When performing a bunionplasty there are two aspects of the operation the surgeon will have to consider correcting the shape of the bone and repairing any damage to the skin without leaving unsightly scars. The news provider pointed out that often, doctors will take into account the level of pain an individual is suffering because of their bunion before deciding whether or not to perform a bunionplasty. Read the full story here: