23 October 2008

Poor Kerry Katona! Just days after announcing how happy she was with her recent cosmetic surgeries, the former Atomic Kitten singer and reality television star slurred her way through a TV appearance, sparking rumours that she's spiralling out of control.

Outspoken Kerry was having trouble saying anything on ITV's This Morning yesterday and she stumbled over her words so badly that Philip Schofield asked her what was wrong, adding that she didn't seem right. Now people are claiming that the star, who suffers from a bipolar disorder, had spent the night before downing shots of Sambuca backstage on ITV's Celebrity Juice.

But news from the star's camp suggests that the problem might have been caused by the prescription, anti-psychotic drug Chlorpromazine that she took four hours later than she was supposed to the previous evening.

Things looked like they were perking up for Kerry, too. Recently she took part in a reality show for MTV called Whole Again that saw her undergoing liposuction and a breast reduction and was thrilled with the results - but things have been rocky for the star in the past and she's battled both drug addiction and depression. It would be horribly unfair if what is a side-effect from important prescription drugs causes anymore hassle for Kerry, as everyone can see that she's doing her best to get back on track to happiness and healthiness.

It seems that we'll get a chance to see her side of the story though. MTV are still in the process of filming the documentary and the aftermath from her appearance on This Morning has been recorded too. You can be sure I'll be staying tuned to find out exactly what happened.