Is mathematics and symmetry the answer to perfect beauty?

Is mathematics and symmetry the answer to perfect beauty?

12 November 2014

Our perception of beauty has changed a lot over the years. Indeed, it changes still depending on whom you’re asking. There is however a mathematical formula, often used to help Cosmetic Surgeons create a “universally attractive” face for their patients.

Known as the golden ratio (equal to around 1,618), this formula is used to determine ‘ideal’ proportions of facial features and goes by the theory that symmetrical features are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

California based Dr Stephen Marquardt was the first Cosmetic Surgeon to use the underlying principles of the golden ratio to create what he thought to be the perfect face. He found that optimal attractiveness is achieved when the distance between a person’s eyes and mouth is 36 per cent of the length of the face, and when the distance between eyes is 46 per cent of the width of the face.

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