25 September 2008

Victoria Beckham - better known as Posh Spice - may have made headlines for her new pixie haircut last week, but attention is now turning to cosmetic surgery work she may have undergone on her nose.

Celebrity plastic surgery news site, Make Me Heal, suggests that Victoria's drastic haircut may have been timed to coincide with a rhinoplasty, which could have made her nose look smaller and less noticeable.

The ex-Spice Girl is known to have had cosmetic surgery before, most noticeably a breast enlargement and a previous rhinoplasty that gave her nose its upturned appearance.

However, recent pictures have been cited as revealing a smaller nose and speculation is rife that this is due to a further surgical procedure.

In the past, 34-year-old Victoria has also been well-known for her frequent use of Botox injections to smooth any lines and wrinkles in her face.

She's also been vocal about her fear of ageing, and is said to have had arm liposuction to eliminate the sagging of skin under her armpits.

However, suppositions that she may be considering a neck lift have arisen since her new haircut was unveiled. According to Make Me Heal, a source said: "All eyes are now on her neck because there's nowhere to hide it, so Victoria wants to see if she can do anything to improve it. She's been saying that it looks wrinkled and compromised.

"She's seriously considering having work done."